GRE paving way for admissions to top B-Schools ?

With the Harvard Business School(HSB) doing it,it seems that the GRE is set to compete with GMAT as a one step entry to the best B-schools in the world.The HSB has decided to accept applications through GRE too , vying to get more diverse applicants.Being a cheaper exam and having a wider geographical reach, the GRE has a much broader reach than the GMAT.But though the Educational Testing Service(ETS) ,which conducts the GRE reveals that 268 universities worldwide,including some of the best ones out there accept or are about to accept B-school applicants through GRE also,most schools maintain that the GMAT will remain the primary admission test and that GMAT will not replace GRE,but might be used as an equivalent test.

Read more about Harvard here.

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