HBS 2+2: The New ?In? Thing

Studying at? Harvard Business School is a dream come true for many undergrads and securing a seat for any MBA program much less Harvard may seem a fairy tale. The HBS 2+2 program is a new option which helps us get there.HBS 2+2 program is a deferred MBA program in which students with one semester remaining can easily apply by submitting either their GRE or GMAT scores. In 2+2, one is accepted into the program while still at undergrad, works for two years after undergrad graduation and then moves on to HBS’ full-time 2 year MBA Program.

Why HBS 2+2

While you are busy learning how all the rats of the rat race in the corporate world are running you can be sure of the fact that you have a slot booked for yourself at HBS for your MBA. It is the best available option if you choose to have an early start to your professional life. An MBA is a must in today?s world and prior work experience is icing on the cake. Accepted students begin working with an HBS career coach early in the process – which means they begin thinking strategically right out of the gate. HBS 2+2 offers a class of students from different background and with experience in all possible fields.

Indians in HBS 2+2

Pratik Agarwal is the only student from India to get selected in the first ever 2+2 Programme by HBS. He is currently the co-founder of Metropolis, an Education Management Firm. Pratik graduated from IIT Delhi in 2009 and will join HBS for MBA in 2011. Check Pratik?s profile here.

HBS 2+2 class profile:

Total Applicants: ? ? 844

Admits: 115

Admitted: 14%

Women: 39%

International: 27%

Countries Represented: ?17

(Source- HBS official website.)

To check HBS official release of participants of first HBS 2+2 program click here.

It?s disappointing to know out of 27% Internationals there is just one person from India. It is unacceptably low. Surely there are more deserving Indians. Why aren?t they getting picked up? Where are the internationals coming from? Are they kids of immigrants who are studying in the US on foreign passports – who are being counted as international…that may be the case…we don’t know the statistics, but that may bias the results because this may really be a way to hire people with US undergrads. What HBS should do is publish the undergrad countries.

As we still don?t know what the GMAT score of those who made it were so it is important to work hard to get in the 2+2 program.

For complete information on HBS 2+2 Program click here.

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