How is an MBA different from a Masters ?

What makes MBA the most preferred profession these days? Why are people around the globe rushing to go to the top B schools? The basic reason is the other opportunities a B school offers in comparison to a regular school. Studying hard, making notes and attending classes regularly are the basic things a student does. But is studying everything that you need to do at the school? The answer is absolutely ?No?!

Akhil Shahani, an MBA,1992 from Kellogg was President of The Entrepreneur Club. Due to active participation in this club he was able to develop entrepreneurship skills and also presented India at Kellogg as a place for business. In an interview with Go2BSchool Team he clearly stated that his participation at all these clubs helped him to start his own business later.

Business School offers more than studying. You learn more from your peers than you learn from your professors at a B School. Interaction with the peers and networking are added advantages at a B school. The best way to explore and gain the maximum out of your B school is to keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Learning from books is just one side of MBA. It is certainly more than mugging up books.

So, what are the things should one do, after admissions at a Top B school? Well, the answer can be given by ones choice. But certain key areas Go2BSchool would like to stress on are as follows:

A) Interacting with your peers:

Why?- Your peers have made it to the same B school as you have. Thus, even they have a high level of caliber. Talk to them. Ask them to share their experiences with you. You will certainly have a new friend if you are alone and also the share of his expertise. A diversified class is thus, the basic requirement of the recruiting faculty of a B school.

B) Developing contacts:

Why? – You certainly need contacts when you reach the corporate field. These classmates may then become your customers, employers, employees or even suppliers. You cannot afford to loose them. Hence, realize their relevance now for benefit tomorrow.

C) Meet the Alumni:

Why? – Talking to the alumni and developing contacts with them is the best thing you can do at a B school. These alumni have been once in your shoes. They can guide and direct you to the main path if you are deviating. These contacts will also help you know a lot about the corporate world.

D) Attend Company Presentations at B School:

Why? – The recruiting companies of a B school hold on-campus or off-campus company presentations. Company presentations provide information on the opportunities available for MBA students and also educate the students on the relevant aspects of the corporate world. Thus, these company presentations help students to prepare for the world they are going to enter after grad.

E) Join Clubs of the B School:

Why? – Top B Schools of the world offer a variety of clubs which involve active participation from the students. Most of the activities of these clubs are organized by the students and are highly professional in nature. Many eminent personalities from the industry are a part of international conferences such clubs hold. Thus, active participation in

these clubs proves beneficial as students gain leadership and organizing skills.

The Entrepreneurship Club at London Business School connects LBS students with the global entrepreneur community. The Harvard Business School has around 70 clubs in all fields. The Stanford?s Student Activities and Leadership helps to foster leadership skills in the students. Numerous examples like these can be cited from the B schools around the globe.

B school offers an interactive way of learning through the case study method. Students have a variety of competitions to participate were they develop a product for real companies. Many B schools also offer assistance to their students to help them establish a small start-up during the school years. Student blog section on the official websites of B schools help students to share their experiences and also learn from the gain knowledge from their fellow students? blog.

Thus, a B school helps in the holistic development of their student. The variety of options offered by B schools is more than any regular school thus, making it preferable.

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