MBA in India or abroad: Should I stay or should I go?

The classic MBA question: I want an MBA from the best possible school. Does that mean that I should stay in India or go to school abroad?

There are a few different ways to answer the question:

GO: International business schools mean classmates with more work experience

A basic fact which can easily explain why an MBA from a university abroad outshines an Indian MBA is that applicants with a work experience are only accepted in foreign universities unlike in India. Work experience of 3-5 years is the basic requirement for a person to apply for an MBA degree abroad. MBA doesn’t involve just book reading but on the whole it is an interactive course involving 24×7 learning. A learning atmosphere is hence essential for one to blossom and prosper in the corporate world. An English proverb that clearly explains why an International MBA is vital is “Experience Teaches”. People from different fields, backgrounds and cultures will only contribute to ones development and reproduce better managers.

GO: More varied teaching methods

A global MBA is based more on case studies, making it interesting than bookish boring methods.

GO: Become a global citizen

An international university definitely offers to you a global teaching staff with global peers thus making you a global citizen. Since, MBA is not like a degree in Law, it can easily be studied in one part of the world and applied in another. Hence, studying abroad will enhance ones peer networking and help reap the true benefits of an MBA.

STAY: Career goals are India focused

If your goal is to ultimately settle in India and you are absolutely certain that you will work for Indian, not global, corporations, staying in India can be a good call. You will develop a strong India-based network. However, if you think you might work for global firms as part of their presence in India, be careful. An international MBA might put you in good standing with the global headquarters.

STAY: Family reasons

There are some reasons that trump professional reasons such as family reasons. These can be tough decisions especially when weighing personal versus professional obligations and dreams.

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