Applying this year: What can I do to prep this summer?

If you will be applying to business school in the fall of 2010 for admission in the fall of 2011, do not sit back and wait for the admissions offices to release the applications and essay questions! You?re in the Great Business School Olympics, and those with the most training will win gold. Get to work now. There is prep work to be done and the summer months are the perfect time to do it. Here are five ideas, that we?ll develop in some detail with real-life examples over the next five posts.

1. Additional responsibilities at work
2. Step up volunteer activities
3. Make a short list of schools and use our resources (and others) to learn everything you can. A school visit is an added bonus.
4. Fourthly, track down alums from your school through facebook, linkedin or googling, and try to meet alums traveling to India this summer
5. Finally, start to develop your message

Sounds obvious. Wait to hear from you. We?ll give you some real details shortly.

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