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RED flag: GMAT score

What if your GMAT score falls well below a school?s average? This is a tough one. Schools watch GMAT scores. Because GMAT scores are standardized by definition, it is a tool which can be used to compare schools. Make the adcom?s job easy by scoring above or at their average. If your score is lower than average, all isn?t lost. Next steps: First, try again. Do whatever you can to raise your score. [...]

Hit the links!

Going to or applying to business school this fall? Time to look strategically at the people around you (work and school) and who they might know. Start building your network. LinkedIn is a helpful tool which allows you to connect with co-workers, college alums and people you might meet in a professional or social setting. Invite them to be part of your LinkedIn network and begin to grow your online [...]

Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows: Quick profiles to remind those applying in 2009

When the first scholarships came out in 2008, two women and three men were recipients of the first scholarship. Four IITans and one BITSian. There are no patterns to those chosen. Quick updates Aditi Pany was the first woman President of the Students’ Union at BITS Pilani, first President of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership worked at social enterprise TARAhaat, and later was named a [...]

Roanak Desai (Stanford): A real tragedy

It is always tragic to read of bright, promising lives cut short, but when it happens under preventable conditions it makes us feel even worse. Roanak grew up in the US, studied undergrad at Harvard, then worked in the US and India for several years, before joining Stanford last year. In Delhi, he was a vice president at Genpact, and helped the company go public. He also worked in M&A at GE. [...]

Essays: The Most Difficult Part of the Application

It is through your essays that your application comes to life.Through your responses, you are able to position yourself, highlight your professional, academic and personal accomplishments and explain any red flags you may have. And, you will likely have to do all of this in fewer than 2,000 words.In our work with business school applicants each year, this is the part of the application process where [...]

Top 10 Undergraduate Schools-Business Week

Here is the list of Top 10 Undergraduate Schools in US released by Business Week. 1. Mendoza, University of Notre Dame 2. McIntire, University of Virginia 3. Sloan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4. Wharton 5. Johnson, Cornell University 6. Haas, University of California at Berkeley 7. Goizueta, Emory University 8. Ross, University of Michigan 9. Carroll, Boston University 10. McCombs, University [...]

School Visit : The Difference it can make

Here is a fact. Indians already living in America are four times as likely to get into a US school as someone with a similar background living in India. There are three reasons for this: Accepted students living in the US are more likely to enroll than someone in India. Students already living in the US have already assimilated culturally. These students are far more likely to have visited the school Let?s [...]


Novartis Industry: Pharmaceuticals Website Novartis is?a multinational pharmaceutical company and one of the?largest healthcare companies in the world. Based in Switzerland, it ranks first in revenue and third in the sales. Novartis manufactures drugs such as clozapine (Clozaril), diclofenac (Voltaren), and others. With more than 100,000?employees, Novartis operates in almost 140 countries. In addition [...]


Hyatt Industry : Website Headquartered in Chicago, Hyatt is one of the world’s premier hotel companies. The Group owns, manages or franchises more than 370 hotels and resorts in 44 different countries. In addition to hotels, the Hyatt Group also operates apartment properties. Careers

Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly Industry harmaceutical Website Eli Lilly is the 10th largest pharmaceutical company in the world. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana,?Eli Lilly is a Fortune 500 company and?a member of the S&P 500 index.?A global pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly has approximately 38,920 employees worldwide and sells products in 143 countries. ?  
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