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Admitted to b-school ! Should you now quit your job ?

It is not surprising that many students wish to quit their jobs after getting an admission letter from a business school of choice. There are many reasons for being tempted. Sometimes students are tired of their current jobs. They want to travel and take time off before business school, or to try something new. But there are more reasons not to quit.

Financing your MBA: Could be a cakewalk!

Many people dream of doing an MBA. Talented, deserving people. However, only a few thousands make the trek to business school, largely because people are deterred by the seemingly enormous costs. We made the trek too. Not too long ago, some of us here were in your shoes. We graduated with $60-90,000 in loans, yet it all worked out, even in difficult financial situations. We believe you should not [...]

Work Experience: Some contrarian Thoughts

Anybody who is applying to a business school abroad is stuck with a question, to have a work experience or not? Although the website of all leading b-schools put down the need for work experience as a basic necessity for admission yet they recommend it everywhere. So, now the big question that arises is to have a work experience or not? In what field one should have work experience and the duration [...]

In conversation with Pratik Agarwal- First Indian at HBS 2+2

Pratik Agarwal, the first Indian at the HBS 2+2 program is a true gem. A graduate from IIT Delhi he was born and brought up in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He also represented IIT Delhi at Harvard College in an international exchange conference on ‘Sustainability and Urban development?. Besides excelling at whatever he does, he is also interested in photography and graphic designing. Go2BSchool caught [...]

MBA Oath: Now in a hundred countries

MBA Oath, the name speaks for itself, is a voluntary pledge taken by graduating and current MBA students. The interest in the Oath clearly spells demonstrates the a pent up demand for need of creating value ethically and responsibly in the ?hungry for money? amongst newly minted MBAsworld. The MBA Oath was the brainchild of students of the class of 2009 at HBS. In the midst of the financial crisis, [...]

MBA in India or abroad: Should I stay or should I go?

The classic MBA question: I want an MBA from the best possible school. Does that mean that I should stay in India or go to school abroad? There are a few different ways to answer the question: GO: International business schools mean classmates with more work experience A basic fact which can easily explain why an MBA from a university abroad outshines an Indian MBA is that applicants with a work [...]

Tale of A Topper-Nitin Nohria

Nitin Nohria is a 10-pointer. For those of you not familiar with that, it means that he graduated at the top of his class with a perfect GPA. He did it at the hyper-competitive IIT Mumbai, and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Mix that with a Ph.D. in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, where he earned a doctoral thesis award [...]

HBS 2+2: The New ?In? Thing

Studying at? Harvard Business School is a dream come true for many undergrads and securing a seat for any MBA program much less Harvard may seem a fairy tale. The HBS 2+2 program is a new option which helps us get there.HBS 2+2 program is a deferred MBA program in which students with one semester remaining can easily apply by submitting either their GRE or GMAT scores. In 2+2, one is accepted into [...]

Business School In-focus: Haas School of Business

Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley was found in 1898 and is the oldest business school at a public institution in the United States. The school offers education to more than 2200 students in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Teaching Careers at Business Schools: The B-School Dean

There are at least 50 dean jobs of business schools open. FT had an interesting write-up musing about why its so difficult to fill. The pay is excellent: $400K in Europe, and $500-750K in the US. So what?s going on ? If you?re a PhD or a DBA in Management, the Dean of a business school is potentially a great top-job, that you could aspire for, if you are in Academia. FT and others speculate about [...]
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