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Q. Whom do I contact in advance?
The Haas School has a team called Haas Student Ambassadors(HSA) whose mission is to organize and provide a perspective of the college to ? prospective students. The sessions are well coordinated and informative.
Contact HSA
Q. ?Address? anyone?
University of California–Berkeley (Haas)
545 Student Services Building?
Berkeley, CA 94720-1900
(510) 642-1405
Q. ?Google Map:

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Q. Major Airports:
Oakland Airport
San Francisco Airport
Q. Where to stay?
Haas provides Accommodation to Visitors.Accommodation
Q. Best time to visit:
Haas has several events scheduled through out the year . ?
Admission Events
Q. Important Admission Events :
Haas has many On Campus Admission Events?
Admisson Events
Q. How a day looks like:
To give a feel of College life Demo classes are conducted and a typical college day is replicated on visits.?
College Day?
Q. Virtual Tour:
Haas provides a virtual tour ?of the Campus.
Virtual Tour?
Q. Dress code:
There is no Specific Dress code but for Interviews and Conferences they follow Formal Dress ?Code.

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