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Essays: The Most Difficult Part of the Application

It is through your essays that your application comes to life.Through your responses, you are able to position yourself, highlight your professional, academic and personal accomplishments and explain any red flags you may have. And, you will likely have to do all of this in fewer than 2,000 words.In our work with business school applicants each year, this is the part of the application process where [...]

Top 10 Undergraduate Schools-Business Week

Here is the list of Top 10 Undergraduate Schools in US released by Business Week. 1. Mendoza, University of Notre Dame 2. McIntire, University of Virginia 3. Sloan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4. Wharton 5. Johnson, Cornell University 6. Haas, University of California at Berkeley 7. Goizueta, Emory University 8. Ross, University of Michigan 9. Carroll, Boston University 10. McCombs, University [...]

School Visit : The Difference it can make

Here is a fact. Indians already living in America are four times as likely to get into a US school as someone with a similar background living in India. There are three reasons for this: Accepted students living in the US are more likely to enroll than someone in India. Students already living in the US have already assimilated culturally. These students are far more likely to have visited the school Let?s [...]

Kiss Those Student Loans Goodbye

Shawn Agyeman was down on his luck last fall, having just lost his job as a research assistant at the University of Pittsburgh, his alma mater. With looming monthly student loan payments of around $200 a month hanging over his head, the recent college graduate was starting to worry about how he’d meet his debt obligations, fearful that creditors would harass his parents?who co-signed his loans?if [...]

GRE paving way for admissions to top B-Schools ?

With the Harvard Business School(HSB) doing it,it seems that the GRE is set to compete with GMAT as a one step entry to the best B-schools in the world.The HSB has decided to accept applications through GRE too , vying to get more diverse applicants.Being a cheaper exam and having a wider geographical reach, the GRE has a much broader reach than the GMAT.But though the Educational Testing Service(ETS) [...]

A CATastrophe ?

The Common Admission Test (CAT) has encountered a whopping drop of 27% in number of applications this year,so much so that the IIMs have extended the last date of application to October 11th from October 1st.The CAT has generally seen a steady rise of 10% in applications in previous years,with the last few years seeing a very healthy 20-25% rise.But according to the IIMs , the number has dropped to [...]
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