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School Visits Here is a fact. Indians already living in America are four times as likely to get into a US school as someone with a similar background living in India. There are three reasons for this: Accepted students living in the US are more likely to enroll than someone in India. Students already living in the US have already assimilated culturally. These students are far more likely to have [...]


Interviews Congratulations?on being selected for an interview.? It is an honor to be selected and it is a signal that the school views your application favorably.? Not all schools permit every applicant to interview therefore your selection puts you in excellent standing.? However, the work is only 50% complete and there is still a great deal to accomplish. The interview will last approximately 30 [...]


Essays: The Most Difficult Part of the Application It is through your essays that your application comes to life.Through your responses, you are able to position yourself, highlight your professional, academic and personal accomplishments and explain any red flags you may have. And, you will likely have to do all of this in fewer than 2,000 words.In our work with business school applicants each year, [...]


Resume Your resume is a one page snapshot of your accomplishments. One page isn?t much real estate to work with so you have to be sure to use each word wisely ? and for maximum impact.When the Adcom reviews your resume, a few key ideas should pop out: leadership, initiative, awards, grades, extra curricular activities and how you are different (stand out ? for all the right reasons!). Each bullet [...]


Recommendations The goal of your recommendations is to bolster your message and position you and your professional achievements. Much of what is written should echo your application strategy and highlight important work and accomplishments. Each recommender should be able to write about your future plans, leadership ability and initiative and be able to write about it in a way that is consistent with [...]


Tests: Standardized tests such as the GMAT are one of the only ?standardized? components of the application process ? one that makes it easy to compare one candidate with another. A candidate?s score either raises or lowers the school?s average GMAT score ? and that is something the adcom cares about. Rankings depend on standardized testing, so it is quite difficult to get admitted to a school unless [...]

Application Overview

  Your Application Package ??????????? ?Everything you do and the way you do everything sends a message.? ?????????????????????? — Professor Anirudh Debar at Babson University The application package is your message to the Adcom.? This message consists of not just the explicit message you send through what you write (essays and thank you notes), say (interviews) and do (any other interactions [...]
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