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MBA Oath: Now in a hundred countries

MBA Oath, the name speaks for itself, is a voluntary pledge taken by graduating and current MBA students. The interest in the Oath clearly spells demonstrates the a pent up demand for need of creating value ethically and responsibly in the ?hungry for money? amongst newly minted MBAsworld. The MBA Oath was the brainchild of students of the class of 2009 at HBS. In the midst of the financial crisis, [...]


ENTERTEAINMENT: Overview   The?entertainment industry?consists of a large number of sub-industries devoted to entertainment and refers to the the mass media companies that control the distribution and manufacture of ?entertainment. Hollywood’s big six studios – ?Warner , Paramount , Columbia , Universal ,Fox , and ?Walt Disney control 83.8 % of US and Canada markets ?with combined [...]




Telecommunications?:   Telecommunication in modern terms is defined as the transfer of data using different electronic devices which include Television, Radio, Computer & ?Telephone. Telecommunication is an age old sector which has its roots in 1200 BC with ?Signal Fires used ?to find paths . This field has undergone interesting changes and often spear headed the beginning of a new era [...]


Computers: Computer initially defined as a Machine which performs Calculations & Operations based on a set of Instructions was invented first by Charles Babbage known as Father of Computers. This machine with its capability to perform day to day tasks with ease and efficiency has revolutionized the world to such an extent that the Time has been classified pre-computer and post-computer ages. [...]




Publishing:   The activity of making Information available to public by various means which include Books, Newspapers & Magazines etc,. is called Publishing . In modern times, its definition has changed with several forms of media entering the field. Publishing basically includes collecting information from writers or Incidents and presenting them to public unbiased is the responsibility [...]

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