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??????????? ?Everything you do and the way you do everything sends a message.?

?????????????????????? — Professor Anirudh Debar at Babson University

The application package is your message to the Adcom.? This message consists of not just the explicit message you send through what you write (essays and thank you notes), say (interviews) and do (any other interactions ? in person or electronic), but also the implicit messages you send in terms of how you present yourself in the interactions you have with each school?s representatives, including your dress, conduct yourself over the phone, and how your printed material appears. If you did not grow up in the geographic region that you are interviewing in, your message may be lost in translation. Messaging and packaging work in combination? should both be considered to substantially improve your chances of getting in.

?Each application package has eight components. A summary of each component follows but you should refer to the rest of the go2bschool website for details and helpful ideas:

You will be required to fill out a simple online application that includes basic information. This is fairly easy but you should be careful not to make any errors or omissions on this section. The dates you mention here should tie to your essays and your resume. More?

?You may either send your original transcripts directly from your undergraduate or graduate schools to each of the business school you are applying to. Alternatively, you may have the transcripts sealed, sent to you and then you may send them along with your package. More?

Standardized Tests (GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, CAT):
The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is required for nearly all full-time programs. ISB and IIMs will accept CAT instead. Only recently, some schools such as HBS have started to accept the GRE. More?

Schools have two essays at a minimum (Johnson-Cornell) and up to six in the case of HBS. This is the most important component of your application and will determine whether they want to interview you. This is also by far the hardest part of the application. You could spend weeks or months agonizing over it. Whenever you are preparing to apply, always remember that the richer your experiences, the more easier will it be to write this section. More?

?A 1-page resume is required by most schools, preferably done in a style that is used in the country that you are applying. The AdCom learns a lot from spending just one minute on a candidate?s resume. Fill your resume with facts and non-generic sounding information. When you tell your stories in your essays, it is important to make sure that these stories are also reflected in your resume. More?

Every school asks for two or three recommendations. Typically they ask that these recommendations be from managers who are familiar with your work. What admissions committees are really looking for is whether the recommender positions you and describes you in a manner that is consistent with your own evaluation, achievements and future goals. Some schools such as Stanford may ask for a peer recommendation. More?

School Visit:
?While the travel associated with school visits (particularly an India ? US hike) can make them challenging, it is also an important signal of your strong interest. Visits demonstrate commitment and also help candidates in the essay writing process as they are able to demonstrate knowledge and better understanding of the school?s culture. More?

There are several types of interviews. You can interview on-campus or over the telephone with an AdCom member or student. You may also interview off-campus with an AdCom member, student or alum. Off-campus may be within your country or in a nearby city. The interview is generally 30-60 minutes, and can be quite formal with standard questions, or informal, especially with Alums. Most schools now require an interview. However, at a few, interviews are by invitation (HBS, Wharton). More?


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