The goal of your recommendations is to bolster your message and position you and your professional achievements. Much of what is written should echo your application strategy and highlight important work and accomplishments. Each recommender should be able to write about your future plans, leadership ability and initiative and be able to write about it in a way that is consistent with your application.

Who to pick:

If you need two to three recommendations, they should be from work recommenders (senior managers and others who know your work well). If you have the opportunity to send in more than just two or three, include someone you work with on community service endeavors.


Check your resume and essay examples and make sure the examples are covered in the recommendations. Each reco doesn?t need to hit on each example but each example should be covered in one of the two to four recos you submit. Reinforce key themes: leadership, initiative, thoughtful, strategic-thinker AND a more human side (fun, engaging, easy to work with, great team mate).

Help your recommenders:

Give recommenders copies of your resume and an outline of your key message with supporting examples. In other words, help each recommender tie your shared work experience to your message. Make this an easy process for them!

Plan ahead:

Give them plenty of lead time, roughly four to five weeks? notice


Include contact details should the adcom have some follow-up questions.

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