Anurag Jain

Anurag Jain
Current Job: President, Insurance and Business Process Solutions, Perot Systems Inc
MBA, University Of Michigan
B.E.(Hons.) BITS, Pilani

Anurag Jain heads Perot Systems’ Consulting and Applications Solutions and Insurance and Business Process Solutions Groups. He is responsible for the management, sales, and operations for these groups. He joined Perot Systems in 2003 and for the next two years served on the firm’s Healthcare leadership team. He focused on business process outsourcing sales and operations. In 2006, Anurag worked with Perot Systems insurance business. Prior to joining Perot Systems, Anurag worked as a management consultant for Gemini’s telecom business. He then co-founded a customer support company (Brigade Corproation) with customer support centers across India, Europe and the US. Perot Systems acquired the next company he founded (Vision Healthsource) in 2003. ?


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