Computer initially defined as a Machine which performs Calculations & Operations based on a set of Instructions was invented first by Charles Babbage known as Father of Computers. This machine with its capability to perform day to day tasks with ease and efficiency has revolutionized the world to such an extent that the Time has been classified pre-computer and post-computer ages. The emergence of Web along with Computers accelerated the acceptance of Computers even more as modern day devices. Today, Computers have become major sources of Information through Web and also help us organize our Daily tasks and Computations. They have also provided Communication in the form of E-mails & Chat which has made world a Global Village.


Initially, Computers were a Costly affair owned Only by professionals used for Research purposes but as its usefulness became evident, a lot of people tried to make them available to common man. Initially, they occupied about a room space and were using cards to store information which made them clumsy and hard to use.


As the Competition to make computers available to common man became hot , two different groups succeeded in making computer Common man friendly. One being a team of two individuals Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs who developed the first personal Computer and founded Apple Computers .The other being Bill Gates, who started Microsoft and after many attempts was able to make MS-DOS, an efficient and user friendly operating system. From this time, Computer has been widely accepted by common man & Computer manufacturing has become a profitable Business and remains the same till date. As the Technology advanced several types of Computers were invented like Laptop , Palmtop, Desktop Computer ,Tablet PC etc.,


The very fact that about????? Computers of different types have been used till date makes this Industry an exciting one with a lot of future prospects. With the evolution of computer many dependant companies which manufacture different peripherals have also come in to existence.

Some of the leading Companies involved with manufacturing of Computers are Hewlett-Packard,Dell, Acer,Fujitsu,Lenovo(previously IBM) and others.


The India Angle:


India being a Developing Country & having a large population accounts to a significant amount in the world computer usage. Also the use of India as a Outsourcing & Offshore Business centre combined with the IT boom has transformed it in to a very competitive and exciting market.


Also the steps taken by the Government to provide tax holidays there by encouraging different Industry vendors to actively participate in the Open market has also made Computers? a? hot Business and an Interesting Sector to work.?



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