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Business Process Outsourcing ?refers to the act??of utilizing the services of a third party by a company in order to perform its back office operations in more efficient and effective manner , along with considerable saving in costs . BPO include?Back office operations ,Customer Relationship Management ,Call Centers ,Tele-servicing and product support ,Payroll maintenance ,Finance / Accounting/billing ,Human Resources, Logistics Management ,Supply Chain Management ,Medical transcription ,Insurance Claims Processing and Legal database maintenance . According to McKinsey, the global “addressable” BPO market is worth $122 – $154 billion, of which $11- 15 billion is India’s share .


Business Development Manager

Technical Manager

Finance Executive

Marketing Executive

Key Trends

Recently BPO ?industry has come under attack due to loss of jobs in many western nations . But it is evident that BPO has become integral part of most companies . Pace of BPO may slow down a bit but it is here to stay?

Top Companies

Interesting Companies to work for around the world : IBM, Accenture, Genpact

Top domestic? (Indian) companies Infosys, Wipro , TCS ,iGate

India Angle?


According to NASSCOM the Indian BPO industry has contributed significantly to the Indian economy, clocking 30 per cent growth year over year, over the last decade. While today, over two million individuals are directly employed by the industry ? another seven to eight million jobs have been created downstream. With exports of USD 40.4 billion in 2007-08, the industry today constitutes 25 per cent of the country?s exports.?


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