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Investment Banking :



Investment banking?is a specialized form of banking which finances capital requirements of an enterprises. Investment banking assists as it performs IPOs, private placement and bond offerings, often assume the role of a broker and carries through mergers and acquisitions.?Investment banks have multilateral functions to perform. Global investment banking revenue exceeded $85 billion last fiscal . ?Leading investment banks include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, , Citigroup, Credit Suisse ?and JPMorgan Chase .


Analysts ?- Responsible for performing research and modelling of various financial instruments like equity, debt , bonds etc .

Traders - Conduct day-to-day transaction of financial instruments on client’s behalf .

Associates - Responsible for searching and establishing business development opportunities , managing customer relationship , providing market overview to traders and analysts.


Key Trends


Currently Investment Banking has been hit hard by Credit Crisis of 2008 and busting of US Housing bubble . But due to government bailouts , enforcements and monetary enforcements most of leading Investment Banks will be ablt to stand on their feets again .

Top Companies

Interesting Companies to work for around the world : Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, , Citigroup among other .

Top domestic? (Indian) companies : ICICI Bank , Kotak Mahindra are foremost among Indian Investment banks .



India Angle?

Indian Investment Industry is comparitively in very nascent stage. Small Boutique firms have started setting shop in India but there is long way to go before any ?Indian city emerges as a global finance hub .


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