The activity of making Information available to public by various means which include Books, Newspapers & Magazines etc,. is called Publishing . In modern times, its definition has changed with several forms of media entering the field. Publishing basically includes collecting information from writers or Incidents and presenting them to public unbiased is the responsibility of media.


Publishing typically includes Books which are once again divided as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Business, Personality Development, General Reading etc., the book publishing generally includes commissioning writer to write books which are reviewed and published by Publishing Houses for Sale all over the world.


Newspapers & Magazines are another part of the Publishing Industry. Newspapers are typically divided in to Tabloid, Business & general Newspapers. Magazines are of different times ranging from Issue specific Magazines like Scientific American etc., for Research followers to? Vogue , Elle for Fashion World. Typically, Magazines are different types like Business Magazines, Gossip Magazines, Magazines about Fashion and other things like Housekeeping and Fashion Designing.


Newspapers is a very important Channel through which Companies can reach people for promotion also it is the channel through which an individual comes to know about the ?buzz in other parts of the world. The Newspaper Industry was the first to use Electronic means by John Gutenberg Spearheading the Industrial Revolution of 18th?Century. Though, other sources of information like Television & Internet ??has evolved, Newspaper and Books remain to occupy a distinct place in the World.


The Job opportunities in publishing Industry vary widely from editorial work to Designing, Sales & Marketing , Administration ,Logistics etc., An MBA has a scope to be placed anywhere in one of these. The very fact that $25,356,500,00 is the Annual Sale of Publishing Industry gives an Idea of the Opportunities in the Industry.??The top 10 book publishers in the US are as follows of 2001:

From the sales figures noted (all in millions) we could infer their

Individual market share.??The total book sales for the US

Are $25,356,500,000.

1. Mc-Graw Hill $4,645.5 (in millions) (18.32% market share)

2. Random House (Owned by Bertelsmann) $1,760.8 (6.9% market share)

3. Harcourt General (owned by Reed Elsevier Group) $2,408.2 (9.5%

Market share)

4. Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck???$2,214.4 (8.7% market share)

5. Scholastic???$1,962.3 (7.7% market share)

6. Pearson???$6,290 (24.8% market share)

7. Houghton Mifflin (owned by Vivendi Universal Publishing) $1,027.6


8. HarperCollins (owned by News Corp.) $975.5 (2000 figures) (3.8%

Market share)

9. John Wiley???$613.8 (2.4% market share)

10. Simon & Schuster (owned by Via com) $648.7 (2.6% market share)


From these figures it can be surmised that the top 10 book publishers

Have 88.72% of the market.


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