Telecommunication in modern terms is defined as the transfer of data using different electronic devices which include Television, Radio, Computer & ?Telephone. Telecommunication is an age old sector which has its roots in 1200 BC with ?Signal Fires used ?to find paths . This field has undergone interesting changes and often spear headed the beginning of a new era in various Industries. Early telecommunications were the work of great Scientists like Graham Bell, John Baird & Marconi. The Communications itself plays a vital role in delivering results to any Company. In fact, the very reason the world has become a GLOBAL VILLAGE where any individual can be reached in any remote area is the rapid development and spread of the Telecoms Industry. The internet revolution which changed the way people could communicate beyond imagination is a Development in the Communications Industry. Since Internet has become the primary source of Action & Reference, many companies have made it a platform to promote and advertise them.


The Telecommunications industry boasts of huge figures in revenue & turn-over. The very fact that every company needs to reach out and deliver to clients in different parts of the world and the fact that every company needs to promote itself for growth makes this industry one of the core Department in a company. According to recent reports,In the world with about 6,700 million people around 5,700 million are connected alone by Telephone. Also , 75.2 % ?in every 100 individuals are Connected by telephone. These being the figures of only one type of communication dawns the Importance and Revenue of the Industry. Since the world population keeps growing and also day after day , many countries strive to develop themselves makes Telecommunications A hot sector with almost never ending Prospects.


The scope for an MBA to be placed in this industry is very high. Almost all the companies require management teams and this is supported by the fact that many CEO?s, CFO’s and Marketing Managers in Telecom Companies are from B Schools.

Famous MBA?s:

Arun Sarin , Former CEO VODAFONE

The India Angle:

India has a lot things happening in Telecom Sector at present .The main Buzz now being Mobile Services, Broadband Internet? & 3G Services. It has some key players like Airtel,Reliance, Vodafone &? Government owned ?BSNL,MTNL. India has been constantly in news creating world Records lately for adding the highest number of Subscribers in a month. At present the Indian Mobile Subscriber Base stands at about 352 millions and Counting.


In this Sector Reliance Communications deserves a special mention. It can be credited with turning over the Mobile Industry with a motto to make Mobile phone available to each and every Indian. The Customer Base rapidly increased after its entry complimenting its Effort.


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