Bosto Harbour?

Boston, Massachusets

Boston is the largest city of Massachusetts and one of the oldest in United States. Being a center of Economic and cultural importance, it is sometimes regarded as the “unofficial capital” of new England. America?s first school “Boston public school” and first college “Harvard ” have been established here. Boston has a nice regional cuisine with emphasis on sea food and dairy. The politics are usually? dominated by Irish Americans and there are many local slings

4.452 million

Boston has a continental climate with diverse patters of wide temperature swings and unseasonal snowfall. summers are typically sunny, hot and humid with an average July Temperature of? 82F(28C).Winters on the other hand are Bitterly cold, Windy ,wet and Snowy with an average snowfall of 42 inches(108 cm) annually. Autumn is particularly lovely with the Scenic beauty of all the trees of New England.

Boston Globe, XConomy and Mass High Tech

Boston was the site for first subway system in America. From then, there have been rapid developments in the transportation front. Boston is very well connected by Air, Road and Rail. The Massachusetts Rapid Transport Authority(MRTA) operates one of the Busiest Rapid Transport system in the world. Nicknamed “the walking city” commuters by walk are also in significant numbers.?

Job opportunities:
The Universities and Colleges in Boston play a significant part in Recruitment. Boston is also a center of Biotechnology and Medicine with some of the top companies in these spectra working out from here. Boston is also a Technology city with many leading technology companies situated here. On the other hand , many successful financial institutions have also sprung out from here.

Important universities & B-Schools:
Harvard Business School
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
MIT Sloan School Of Management
Carroll School Of Management
Boston College Of Management – Boston University
Brandeis Graduate School of International Economics and Finance

Cost of living:
$40,903.00 per annum

Boston is a relatively safe Place with a very low crime rate.

US $70,000 per annum

Tax Rates:
31-36% federal tax rate

Most Famous Indians in City:
Desh Deshpande, Serial Entrepreneur

Visas & Immigration:
USA has difficult immigration laws. It is easy to get an H1-B visa from the big corporations. Within the six years by which time H1-Bs expire,? companies? need to sponsor greencards for its employees,? a process that takes 2 years or so.

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Exchange Rate:
1 USD = 48.43 rupees



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