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“The Big Apple”, “The City that never sleeps”, “The Naked City”? New York City has earned many nicknames, but none more deserving the “The Worlds business Capital”.New York City is one of the global centers of international finance, politics, communications, film, music, fashion, and culture, and is among the world’s most important and influential cities.It is home to many world-class museums, art galleries, and theaters. The headquarters of the United Nations is in New York and most countries have a consulate here. This city’s influence on the globe – and all its inhabitants – is hard to overstate, as decisions made within its boundaries often have impacts and ramifications literally across the world.New York is a global center for the television, advertising, music, newspaper and book publishing industries and is also the largest media market in North America (followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto).


8.3 million


New York City enjoys an average of 234 sunshine days annually. Summers are typically hot and humid with average high temperatures of 26 ? 29 ?C and lows of 17 ? 21 ?C. Though the winters are cold, but the spring and autumn are erratic, and could range from chilly to warm, although they are usually pleasantly mild with low humidity.


?New York Times:

Wall Street Journal


New York is notable among American cities for its high use of mass transit, most of which runs 24 hours per day.?

Job Opportunities:

New York City is a global hub of international business and commerce and one of three “command centers” for the world economy (along with London and Tokyo). The city is a major center for finance, insurance, real estate, media and the arts in the United States. Many major corporations are headquartered in New York City, including 43 Fortune 500 companies. New York is also unique among American cities for its large number of foreign corporations. One out of ten private sector jobs in the city is with a foreign company.

Important B-Schools & Universities :

Columbia Business School and New York University?s Stern School of? Business. New York City is also home to such notable private universities as Barnard College, Cooper Union, Fordham University, Pace University, The New School, Yeshiva University, Berkeley College and Brooklyn Law School. New York City has the most post-graduate life sciences degrees awarded annually in the United States. More and more business schools, such as Dowling College, actively recruit international students to ensure their classrooms more closely reflect today?s business environment. New York City?s richly diverse communities, schools and workplaces offer students nearly constant interaction with people of other nationalities and cultures – and ample opportunities to gain an understanding of, and respect for, foreign customs, perspectives and languages. Business schools take full advantage of the City?s resources by creating corporate partnerships, executive-in-residence and mentoring programs, and valuable internship opportunities.

Cost of Living:


While New York has dangerous areas, most of Manhattan and selected parts of Brooklyn where MBAs live and work are statistically so safe, they would compare to many American small towns.?


$120,000 per anum starting

Tax Rates:

40% per anum

Famous Indians In the City:

Vikram Pandit, Chairman? & CEO, Citigroup

Rajat Gupta, United Nations & Former CEO, McKinsey

Viktor Menezes, Former CEO, Citigroup Investment Bank Division

Arshad Zakharia, Former CEO, Merrill Lynch Investment Bank Division

Marti G. Subrahmanyam, Columbia Professor

Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia Professor

Ashwath Damodaran, NYU Professor

Zubin Mehta, New York Philharmonic

Night Life:

After hours, New York practically transforms itself from an ever-so-efficient business hub to a buzzing network of bars and nightclubs.?

Clubs by Type

Jazz Clubs: New York City is the “hub” of the Jazz World. All the greats made their names here, and young up-and-comers flock to the city for the chance to prove themselves. The list is maintained by Gordon Polatnick, who offers jazz tours from the Village to Harlem every night of the week.?

Night Clubs/Dance Clubs: If you want to dance the night away, head out to one of New York’s many clubs.?

Nightlife Under 21: Even 16 year olds can get into some of these hot spots, at least on certain nights.?

Popular Music Venues: Virtually every band that steps foot in the United States plays some dates in or around New York City and the City’s rock clubs have a history of discovering and showcasing new acts.?

Lounges: From sports bars to supper clubs to dance halls with VIP rooms, there are plenty of places in New York for you to find a soft comfy place to sit, drink, and listen to music.?

Comedy Clubs: New York City is well known for its many comedy clubs. What would you expect from the city who brought you Jerry Seinfeld??

NYC Music and Club Links: You’ll find tons of event information through our links page.?

Late Night Hangouts

Bars and Pubs: You can enjoy reduced drink prices during happy hour at many of the city’s bars.?

Late Night Dining: If it’s late and you’re hungry, you can count on these places to feed you anytime of day.?

Pool Halls: Shoot pool like a pro at one of these many fine places.?

Bowling Alleys: If you prefer to sport those lovely bowling shoes for an evening, there are several alleys that are open into the wee hours.?

Visas & Immigration:

USA has difficult immigration laws. It is easy to get an H1-B visa from the big corporations. Within the six years by which time H1-Bs expire, companies need to sponsor green cards for its employees,? a process that takes 2 years or so.?

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New York’s two key demographic features are its population density and cultural diversity.

The city’s population density of 26,403 people per square mile (10,194/km?), makes it the densest of any American municipality with a population above 100,000.New York City is exceptionally diverse and a home to a lot of immigrant communities.?

Exchange Rates:

1 USD= Rs 48.53




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