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Paris, the capital of France, is one of the most cosmopolitan of cities in Europe. It has a very long and old History. Known as the capital of fashion, it is also famous for shopping. The Economy is mostly based on tourism. Apart from having many Famous and Historic Monuments, Paris is also a centre of cultural importance. Being a centre of fashion, it has a mixed culture with diversified cuisines and cinema influences. Paris also hosts French Open, marking its presence in sports.

11.82 million

Paris has chilly summers and warm winters. It is known for Sudden Rainfall although rainfall is moderate in the season. Generally, there is no snowfall. The average high Temperature is 25 C and the low is 15 C.

LeFigaro (French)????????????????????
Le Monde (French)??????????????????

Being situated strategically in the middle connecting the Americas and the Asia , Paris is a Hub of Transportation. Especially in Airways,? with Charles-de -Gaulle?s Airport one of the Busiest Airport in the world. Domestically, it has a host of transport Systems in place for smooth transit. It has a Tramcar system, Local Bus Service & a metro Line.?
Recently, it has made a new initiative of transit by cycle known as “velib” as a part of Eco free Transport system. This initiative has been highly appreciated all over the world and many other countries are planning to start the same.?
Paris has a diverse group of Industries surrounding it which makes it a place for exciting Jobs. Being a Fashion centre, Fashion industry and many dependent industries like Cosmetics, perfumes etc., operate from here. Many luxury brands in these spaces have their presence in Paris which makes it a good Place for Jobs post MBA. The Hospitality Industry is also active in hiring and comprises a significant amount of work force.?
Important Universities &? B- Schools :???????
University of Paris?
Grenoble Graduate School Of Business (GGSB)?
Vatel, International Business School, Hotel & Tourism Management?
IEMI – Institut Europ?en de Management International
Cost of living:???
Paris is Safe compared to other cities in terms of violent crimes but still minor crimes like Pickpocket ting etc. are persistent. The Government of France has been effectively fighting terrorism without any major issues. But since it has a mix of culturesand is a Fashion capital, safety of women is an important factor and they need to take certain measures for safety.

Tax rates:
Income Tax Scale Rates?
Net Income Subject to Tax Up to ?5,687 Band ?5,687 Tax Rate Nil
Net Income Subject to Tax ?5,688 to ?11,344 Band ?5,657 Tax Rate 5.5% Tax on Band?311 Cumulative Tax ?311
Net Income Subject to Tax ?11,345 to ?25,195 Band ?13,851 Tax Rate14% Tax on Band ?1,939 Cumulative Tax ?2,250
Net Income Subject to Tax ?25,196 to ?67,546 Band?42,351 Tax Rate30% Tax on Band ?12,705 Cumulative Tax?14,955
Net Income Subject to Tax over ?67,546 Tax Rate 40%?
Famous Indians:

Night Life:
Paris has a great Nightlife. Be it dinner cruise on the Seine river or a show at a French cabaret. The bars and clubs are animated deep in to the night.????????????????

Visas & Immigration:
The Immigration and visas in France are quiet easy to obtain and whole of the process takes about 3-4 months.

Useful Websites:

Exchange Rates:

1 USD=??1.409 EUR????????????????????

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