Shanghai, the eighth largest city of the world is also the largest city in China. Located on the banks of Yangtze River, Shanghai is spread over an area of 2,239 square miles. Once termed as Paris of the East’, Shanghai is one of the highly popular tourist destinations of the world. Being the industrial hub of China, Shanghai is the largest financial and commercial center of the nation.
Shanghai is one of the highly popular tourist destinations of the world and Shanghai tourism is a booming industry. Each year, tourists come to this wonderful metropolis and have a blast during their vacations. The traditional yet contemporary aspect of the city has a distinct characteristic of its own.
There are numerous tourist attractions in Shanghai. Visitors can take sightseeing tours, explore the well-known places of the city and taste the unique Chinese flavor, which is evident in almost every corner of Shanghai. Numerous world-class luxurious hotels, star hotels and budget hotels accommodate the tourists that pour in here.
A host of music clubs and theatres in Shanghai serves entertainment in different flavors. Bars and pubs in Shanghai offer much needed relief after a day full of busy life.

14.61 million People

Shanghai has a Humid Subtropical Climate with four distinct Seasons. Winters are cold with night temperatures going below freezing point. Summers are Warm and humid with occasional downpours. The city is also susceptible to typhoons which sometimes cause huge damages. In contrast, Spring or Autumn is dry and sunny. Shanghai has an average temperature of 26 C with a high of 37 C and a low of 18 C.

Shanghai daily
Jf daily (Chinese)??

Shanghai has an extensive transport system consisting of buses, trolleybuses, taxis, and a metro system. Around six Expressway road systems connect the city. It also has two International Airports. Taxis are also plenty in number and affordable.

Job Opportunities:
Shanghai is the Center of economic and finance in mainland china. Shanghai has one of the World?s busiest ports. Shanghai has stronger links to both the Chinese interior and the central government, and a stronger base in manufacturing and technology. Shanghai has increased its role in finance, banking, and as a major destination for corporate headquarters, fueling demand for a highly educated and modernized workforce. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the world’s fastest growing, with the Shanghai Composite Index growing 130% in 2006.
Important B Schools & Universities:
East China Normal University & B School
Fudan University? & B School
Jiao Tong University & B School
Shanghai International Studies University
Shanghai University
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Shanghai, like China in general, has incredibly low crime rates. Most of them are petty Crimes. A police hotline 110 takes care of all emergencies.

RMB? 1,80,000

Tax Rates:
Monthly income:
<500 5%
500-2000 10%
2000-5000 15%
5,000-20,000 20%
20,000-40,000 25%
40,000-60,000 30%
60,000-80,000 35%
80,000-100,000 40%
>100,000 45%

Cost of Living:


Night Life:
Shanghai has the most colorful night life in China. Shanghai nightlife mavens can trawl posh restaurants, cocktail lounges, jazz clubs, boutique hotels, day spas and the fashion flagships dotted between old banking headquarters along the main stretch of Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, as well as in the atmospheric backstreets

Visas & Immigration:
China has a moderately regulated Immigration system.

Useful Websites:

Exchange Rates:
1USD= 6.83307 Chinese Yuan
1 Chinese Yuan= 7.00931 INR


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