The capital of the Province of Ontario, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the fifth largest in North?? America. A dominant force in the business and economy of the nation, it is also the cultural center of English-speaking Canada.
Toronto stands on the northern shore of Lake Ontario and the view of the city across the water is stunning and unmistakable – the CN Tower, thrusting skyward near the water’s edge, was until quite recently the world’s tallest tower. Framing it is a glimmering collection of skyscrapers, which give way to a dense city center with pleasant, leafy residential areas and parks, notably along the ravines that cut through the city.
The Toronto of today is a lively, cultured place with hot, humid summers and cold, damp winters. It is the most economically important city in Canada, the center of finance, media and services, and home to more corporate head offices than any other.
By night, its people indulge themselves at the city’s numerous restaurants, bars and clubs, or at the symphony, opera and theater. More than anything, however, Toronto is defined by its citizenry – friendly, efficient and one of the most multicultural in the world.

4.612 million People

Toronto has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and humid. Winters are cold and chilly and feature Wind Chills. Snowstorms are also common. Autumn or spring is mild with cool climate with alternating wet and dry stretches. Rainfall is characterized by the presence of Lake Ontario which brings Winds and thunderstorms.

Toronto Star??
Toronto Sun??
Toronto Life??

Toronto has an extensive transportation network .The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC),third largest public transport system in North America operates an wide network of Subway systems , busses & streetcars.
The Government of Ontario operates an extensive network of rail and Bus services in the name GO TRANSIT. Toronto Pearson International Airport (TPIA) connects the world with Toronto and is an International Air Hub.
There are a number of High ways and Expressways which connect Toronto with other cities.

Important B Schools & Universities:
Canadian Business School
University Canada West (UCAN)
Concordia University
University of British Columbia
University of Toronto
Fairleigh Dickinson University & B School
Vancouver Island University & B School

Cost of Living:

Toronto is relatively safe place with a crime rate of 763 per 100,000 populations.

C$ 63,223(Marketing manager)

Tax Rates:
(State & country Combined)
General?? 33%
Manufacturing and Processing?? 31%
Small Businesses???? 16.5%

Visas & Immigration:
Canada? has? a system similar to USA for Visas and Immigration which is quite complex and time taking thing.

Famous Indians from this City:
Arjun Ganesan , Entrepreneur and Business Developer

Night life:

Useful Websites:


Exchange Rates:
1 C$= 0.867167 USD




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