Eureka! IIT Bombay
Nationals: IIT Bombay, Powai Campus
Application Date: Not yet announced
First Prize: INR 5, 00,000
Best Team in the Clean-tech Category: INR 1,20,000

Eureka is the Business Plan Competition being organized by E-Cell, IIT Bombay. Eureka is touted as biggest Business Plan Competition in Asia. The competition aims at bringing Innovative Ideas to the forefront, which propel the nation forward by changing the lives of people. In 2008, the competition tried to encourage CleanTech, a special entry into the already huge paraphernalia of categories. CleanTech basically respects technological innovation with a perspective for environmental and ecological concerns. These teams represented Asia at Carnegie Mellon University’s Sustainable Living Biz Competition, fully sponsored by Foundation for a Sustainable Future.

Success Stories

Voyager InfoTech Private Limited
Winners of Eureka! 1999
It hosts a portal for auctioning creative ideas and designs. It was acquired by Purple Yogi Inc. and was the first company to be incubated and funded by an Angel investor.

Embedded Robot Technologies
Winners of Eureka! 2002
Develops artificial vision software protocol for the security and toy industry which enables ‘blind’ devices to act intelligently on visual actions, commands and events. Innovative uses in Military, Sports, Retail, Biometrics and Smart spaces.

Photon Wave Technologies
Winners of Eureka! 2007
Sponsored by Intel as direct entry to the finals of B-Plan competition to be held in UC Berkley. It is a Silicon-Photonics and Nano-Technology based company that aims to revolutionize communication networks through next-generation high performance optical interconnects. Presently setting up its office in US.

8 Point Systems
Winners of Eureka! 2007
Received on the spot seed funding of INR 5 million in the Eureka!07 finals. Now registered as GaMa Entertainment Systems Pvt Ltd, it builds Innovative Gaming Machine

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