Goldman Global Leaders


Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program


International Venue:
Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Intitute, New York

Application Date:
December 15, 2008


Selected student is awarded US$3,000, and given the title of Goldman Sachs Global Leader
The Goldman Sachs Foundation partnered with the Institute of International Education in 2001 to create the Global Leaders Program. The program looks for students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential and provides them with unique opportunities for leadership development. The Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Program identifies exceptional, second-year college students and provides them with training that will enhance their leadership abilities. The program provides young leaders with a unique international network through which they can share ideas, learn from established leaders, work collaboratively and address global challenges. By exposing participants to the complex issues and opportunities arising from an increasingly interdependent global economy, the program aims to expand perspectives and enhance skills critical for leadership in a changing world.
Each year 150 students are selected from 100 top universities and colleges in over 20 countries. Each student is awarded US$3,000, and given the title of Goldman Sachs Global Leader.

Success Stories

Varun Jain
Goldman Sachs Global Leader, Class of 2007
Varun Jain grew up in Haridwar on the banks of the Ganges River in northern Indias Uttarakhand. Currently finishing his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering at IIT Kanpur, Jain was among 150 students around the world honored with the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Award in 2007 for demonstrated leadership potential and academic achievement. In his junior year, he took leadership of the college magazine, becoming editor of Meander. A voracious reader driven by a desire to help the underprivileged, Jain volunteered with a student-led initiative at IIT Kanpur working toward the education of underprivileged children.Varun has recently won the Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship and will receive full funding for his MBA program at Stanford University.

Rachit Chandra
Goldman Sachs Global Leader, Class of 2008
Rachit is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering at BITS, Pilani.
Rachit has also been an Aditya Birla Scholar in the year 2006. He was one of the 20 Scholars selected from the top 100 freshmen at India’s ten leading universities
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