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Consular Information : ?Australian Consulate Website

Indians applying to Australian B Schools , need to apply for Temporary Visa (Subclass 573) – Assessment Level 4 .

Q. What privileges does? this visa provide?

A. With this visa:

  1. One can study in Australia
  2. Eligible dependant family members can accompany you to Australia
  3. When one have commenced your course of study in Australia, one can work up to 20 hours per week while the course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.
  4. The family members can work up to 20 hours per week provided one has commenced your course of study in Australia. If one is doing a postgraduate course, such as a Masters degree, family members can work unlimited hours once you commence this course.
    Note: If you have been granted Student visa before 26 April 2008 you and your dependent family members may need to apply separately for Permission to Work.
  5. Partner can study in Australia for up to three months.
    Note: If the partner wants to study for more than three months they must apply for their own student visa. The application can be made in Australia.

Q. What is your assessment level?

A. Your assessment level is determined by your nationality and course of study. For more information about assessment levels, please read online information, Overseas Student Program – Assessment Levels

Q. What are charges for Visa application process?

A. Present charges towards visa application process is $540 .

Q. What are conditions imposed on student visas during the stay in Australia?

  1. One cannot work more than 20 hours per week when your course is in session (other than work which has been registered as a part of the course). But, No work limits apply during recognized periods of vacation offered by your education provider.
  2. One must remain enrolled in a registered course.
  3. One must notify your education provider of your residential address in Australia within 7 days of arriving in Australia. You must notify your education provider of any change in your residential address within 7 days of the change. One must notify the education provider of a change of education provider within 7 days of receiving the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment certificate or evidence of enrolment.??

Q. If I change my university or course, do I require a new visa?

A. If you want to change your level of qualification, you will need to apply for a new student visa because your visa subclass will change.

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