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Official Consular Information :?

Q. How does the process of issue of student visa to Phillipines takes place ?

A.? Authority to issue student visa has to be received by the Philippine Embassy from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs before a student visa can be issued

Q. Is it personal interview necessary ?

A. The? personal appearance is mandatory when applying for a student visa .

Q. What documents are pre- requisites for the student visa application ?

A.? Following Documents are required:


  1. ?Original notice of acceptance issued by the school to the student with clear impression of school’s dry seal.
  2. Authenticated Police Clearance .
  3. Demand draft for as Payment for Authentication of Police Clearance .
  4. Medical Health Certificate issued by authorized physician, including chest x-ray .
  5. If enrolled in Medicine or Dentistry, Original Certificate of Eligibility for Admission issued by the Philippine Commission to the student is required .

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