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Students wishing to pursue full-time studies in Singapore need to apply for a student visa pass.
Q. What are the documents required before applying for Singapore student visa pass?
A. Following documents are required for the application.
  1. Form 16 – Application Form for a Student’s Visa Pass (2 copies)
  2. Form V-39I – Sponsorship letter (2 copies)
  3. Form V36 – Additional Information on Applicant for Application of Student’s Pass (2 copies)
  4. IMM (E)555 card (1 copy)
  5. Form (E) 5 (1 copy)
  6. Documentary proof of financial ability in the form of bank statements/ fixed deposit accounts/ saving accounts (photocopy)
    NOTE: All the above mentioned forms are available online.
Q. What is processing procedure for the Student Visa Pass?
A. A letter of offer will be issued within 1 week upon receipt of all completed documents and registration fees (application fee and Int’l Student administrative fee).
Student will accept the offer by signing the letter of acceptance. International students are required to sign the Standard Student Contract and are case trusted under the Student Protection Scheme (SPS) through Insurance or Escrow Scheme.
All the documents will be vetted and sent together to Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).
The processing time is about 2 ? 4 weeks upon receipt of application by ICA. In some cases, ICA may require longer processing time depending on the case of each application.
The school will be notified of the outcome by post.
Upon the approval of the student pass, the school will process the single journey visa (S$20) through ICA and mail it to students – for visa required countries.
Students are required to settle all the fee payment to TMC by Telegraphic Transfers or cash prior to the processing of single journey visa (for visa required countries) or 7 days before class commencement (for non-visa required countries).
Students are required to inform the school upon confirmation of their arrival dates to Singapore, if they require airport reception or accommodation arrangement.
Q. Is there any medical examination/check required for entry in Singapore ?
A Yes .Students are required to undertake a medical check up ?upon arriving in Singapore .Students are required to make payments to ICA for the issuance of student pass once the medical report is submitted to ICA  ?
Q. Can international students work in Singapore?
A. Student Pass Holders are strictly forbidden to work in any form of employment, whether paid or unpaid.?
Q. What are the formalities associated upon completion of the course?
A. Prior to departure from Singapore, students are required to cancel their Student Pass with ICA within 7 days of the date of cessation or termination of studies. Students will be granted a social visa for 1 month to prepare for their return trip to home, upon course completion.

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