Switzerland Visas

?? ?Official Consular Information :? http://www.vfs-ch-in.com/visafees.aspx

Q. What is the charges for Indian student applying for student visa ?

A. Present Charges for Indian applicants Rs. 3400 .

Q. What are the pre requisites for student applications ?

A. Students and visiting scholars are authorised to stay of they oblige following norms :

  • the applicant is not accompanied by other members of his/her family
  • the school programme and the duration of the studies are specified clearly
  • the director of the school certifies that the applicant is able to follow the courses
  • ?provides proof of financial means to cover anticipated expenses in connection with his or her intended study period in Switzerland.

Q.Does Student visa/permit enable student to work there ?

A.It is possible for students to work a maximum 15 hours per week during their studies , provided both the school and the police give their prior permission (the employer must also obtain permission). Usually a very complicated process , hence most employers not interested in hiring foreign national on part time basis .

Q. What documents are needed for the application purpose ?

A.Following Documents are required :

  • ?Three visa application forms, fully completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Passport valid at least three months beyond the stay in the Schengen area, with available pages for visa sticker and of “standard” quality (not damaged, torn, faded etc).
  • Your previous passport, if available.
  • Three clear photocopies of good quality of your passport (first & last page).
  • Three clear photocopies of valid visas on passport .
  • Four new passport sized photographs (size 35-40mm in width, no copy or scanned photograph). One photo should be pasted on each form and the other photo to be given along with the application. Stapled or pinned photographs would not be accepted
  • In case?applicant? has been refused a visa by an Embassy or High Commission in the last 3 years: Written explanation about the reason for trip and refusal and the copy of refusal from the concerned Embassy or High Commission.

Two sets of:

  • Complete Curriculum Vitae (Personal Information).
  • ?Acceptance Letter of enrolment in the school with confirmation of down payment.
  • ?Daily and Weekly studies timetable (total no. of hours).
  • ?If available IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Certificate from British Council.
  • ?Evidence of your financial means for total duration of studies. Bank statements to be provided. Fixed Deposits will not be considered.
  • ?Letter indicating intentions at the end of the studies, usefulness of the studies in the future and written commitment to leave Switzerland after the studies.
  • Travel/ Medical Insurance

Q.How much processing time is usually taken ?

A. Sometimes , upto 3 months is taken before student permit is issued . Therefore , it is advised to apply in advance .VFS is official visa processing partner for Swiss visa/permits in India .?

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