We are Hiring: Be The Captain, Be The Change!

Here is an excellent opportunity for you to stand out of the crowd at your college! Be The Campus Captain of Go2BSchool and win respect of your peers. Help your friends go to top B school and have an international work experience!

Be The Captain, Be The Change!

We?re looking for young, enthusiastic college students who are interested in working with us during the school year.

Your responsibilities:

  • Create awareness about Go2Bschool and its activities in the form of posters, campaigns, discussions and newsletters etc.,
  • Organize workshops and competitions on behalf of Go2Bschool
  • Help build a contact with your college or university.
  • Make Go2BSchool a part of your campus activities.

What can you expect:

  • Work with our team in Boston, gain exposure to international work culture.
  • Know what it takes to get into Masters, MBA and PhD programs.
  • Get featured on our site as the ?Campus Captain of the month?
  • Free Expert advice about your own career.
  • Receive a certificate at the end of internship.
  • Performance based monetary compensation.
  • Work in a fun, learning-filled environment and get some cool Go2BSchool goodies!

Mail your queries to teja.amilineni[at]gmail.com

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