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Interview with Akhil Shahani, A Kellogg 1992 MBA

Akhil Shahani was admitted to Kellogg when he was only 21, but the college deferred his admission for two years to let him gain work experience. He was the President of the Entrepreneur’s Club there. While his family is one of India’s largest paper distributors, he is interested in education and is currently the Director at Centre For Management. He has also started a PE firm investing [...]

GRE for the MBA: Will artists change the B-School culture?

The acronym “GRE” is very popular in India amongst technical degree holders, so you won’t be blamed for thinking the “E” stands for Engineers. However, GRE (Graduate Record Examination) in the past has been used to admit all sorts of graduate degrees such as art and psychology in addition to science and engineering. Now that the GRE is being accepted at 10 of the world’s [...]

GRE paving way for admissions to top B-Schools ?

With the Harvard Business School(HSB) doing it,it seems that the GRE is set to compete with GMAT as a one step entry to the best B-schools in the world.The HSB has decided to accept applications through GRE too , vying to get more diverse applicants.Being a cheaper exam and having a wider geographical reach, the GRE has a much broader reach than the GMAT.But though the Educational Testing Service(ETS) [...]
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