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GRE for the MBA: Will artists change the B-School culture?

The acronym “GRE” is very popular in India amongst technical degree holders, so you won’t be blamed for thinking the “E” stands for Engineers. However, GRE (Graduate Record Examination) in the past has been used to admit all sorts of graduate degrees such as art and psychology in addition to science and engineering. Now that the GRE is being accepted at 10 of the world’s [...]

A full ride from Reliance to Stanford GSB (Applications now open)

In April 2008, Reliance stirred up the imagination amongst Indians, when it agreed to send up to five Indians on a full scholarship to Stanford Graduate School of Business, if selected by the business school. This generous scholarship offered nearly $83,000 to those five chosen to be Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows who are committed to returning to develop India. Business school has a big party element. [...]

Reliance Dhirubhai Fellows: Quick profiles to remind those applying in 2009

When the first scholarships came out in 2008, two women and three men were recipients of the first scholarship. Four IITans and one BITSian. There are no patterns to those chosen. Quick updates Aditi Pany was the first woman President of the Students’ Union at BITS Pilani, first President of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership worked at social enterprise TARAhaat, and later was named a [...]

Roanak Desai (Stanford): A real tragedy

It is always tragic to read of bright, promising lives cut short, but when it happens under preventable conditions it makes us feel even worse. Roanak grew up in the US, studied undergrad at Harvard, then worked in the US and India for several years, before joining Stanford last year. In Delhi, he was a vice president at Genpact, and helped the company go public. He also worked in M&A at GE. [...]
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