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GRE paving way for admissions to top B-Schools ?

With the Harvard Business School(HSB) doing it,it seems that the GRE is set to compete with GMAT as a one step entry to the best B-schools in the world.The HSB has decided to accept applications through GRE too , vying to get more diverse applicants.Being a cheaper exam and having a wider geographical reach, the GRE has a much broader reach than the GMAT.But though the Educational Testing Service(ETS) [...]

A CATastrophe ?

The Common Admission Test (CAT) has encountered a whopping drop of 27% in number of applications this year,so much so that the IIMs have extended the last date of application to October 11th from October 1st.The CAT has generally seen a steady rise of 10% in applications in previous years,with the last few years seeing a very healthy 20-25% rise.But according to the IIMs , the number has dropped to [...]
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