Interviewing on Skype: Should you prepare differently?

Admissions interviews are routinely conducted either by phone or by Skype so it is critical to learn how to best portray yourself and connect with the interviewer via phone or video instead of in the more traditional in-person interview. The attached link offers some interesting ideas about how to interview for a job on Skype. But, we have a few of our own to add when it comes to interviewing on the phone.

1. Stand up – Speaking from this position helps candidates project themselves and their voices better. It is easier to sound confident and focused. Obviously, if you are participating in a video interview, this might be offputting.

2. Wear a suit – I know, this sounds silly. But, wearing a suit puts you in the right mindset for the interview. No interviewing in pj’s. Being fully dressed will help you present yourself more professionally. This goes for video conferences, too. We disagree with the cnn article – no reason to dress casually for an interview.

3. Smile – The interviewer can hear it in your voice. During our interviewing training sessions, we can hear more confidence and enthusiasm in candidates’ voices when they begin smiling while speaking. Be careful in a video conference as obsessive smiling won’t look professional – this tip is for the phone only!

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